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It is becoming very difficult to manage the day-to-day operations of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee manually. Taking into account the increasing volume of business, the task of organizing such a large amount of information and maintaining it properly has now become a very difficult and time-consuming process. Also, since the market committee's cess related information is very important, it is very important to digitize it. Keeping in mind the need of all the necessary things in such a market committee, the following type of computerized system has been prepared for the market committee through the company so that the work in the market committee will be done very well and will greatly help in increasing the income of the market committee.

  • Online Licensing

  • Cess Collection

  • InGate and outGate operations

  • Weigh Bridge Management

  • Boom Barrier System

A software tool designed by us is the “APMC Management System ( KrushiSoft )”
which supports the management of daily required digitized APMC Transactions
( Cess, Katapatti, Awak ).

Online Licensing

Agents, Traders, Processors, Hamals, are important components of E Market Committee.
All these information has to be kept in the market committee.

  • There will be no need to appear in the market committee for obtaining the license.
  • As the system is online, the license application will be available 24*7 on the website and can apply.
  • Applicant can check the status of his/her application online, if there is any error in the application the license holder will receive an SMS. Also you will get information with the help of e-mail.
  • There will be no need to submit documents manually in the market committee.
  • The market committee will be able to see the applications received online and allow or reject them through the process itself.
  • The market committee will no longer need to maintain documents.
  • Can remove sheets as and when required immediately.
  • In this system each employee as well as license holder will be given a separate login.
  • Facility to provide copy of license to license holders from within the operating system.
  • Information regarding license renewal will be sent to the license holders through SMS. Or it can be sent by e-mail.

Online Cess Collection

In the premises of the market committee, transactions related to the purchase and sale of
large quantities of grain are going on every day.

  • A computerized receipt can be issued to the goods purchased from the market committee after levying cess.
  • Computerized Receipt Children can immediately see the information about the amount of cess collected during the day.
  • Businesses who buy regularly can be billed and the amount due to them can be viewed by date.
  • Notice regarding payment of Cess through SMS system. Can be sent with the help of
  • Forms can be submitted in any format required by the finance department and daily amount reports can also be submitted immediately.
  • A certain kind of harmony will be created in the work and dynamism will be created in the work.
  • Information can be presented to senior officers as well as offices at any time.
  • The market committee will be able to see how much cess has been collected and how much is outstanding during the year.
  • The market committee can get information about whether the amount of cess has increased or decreased compared to the previous year.

Ingate & OutGate Management

A large amount of grain goods are exchanged daily in the yard of the market committee. Agricultural goods are coming to the yard from different areas. At present, due to the non-recording of the incoming goods, it is not possible to get information about the type of agricultural goods and from which place they are coming and where they are going.

  • From this, the market committee will get information about what kind of goods are inflow in large quantity.
  • The market committee will be able to get the information regarding which village is receiving the most amount of goods so that the market committee can implement some facilities for that village.
  • According to the information about which goods are coming in the yard in large quantity, that farm can be made available to the concerned buyers as well as processors in the area of the committee so that the farmers can get higher prices for their farm goods.
  • By registering the goods going out from the market committee, information about the goods available in the yard in the present condition can be obtained.
  • Also, by registering the goods going out, we will get information about who has bought the goods and where the goods are going.
  • The market committee may provide certain facilities to the bulk buyer so that the farmers can benefit from it.
  • From the daily inflow of goods in the market committee, it can be estimated what kind of facilities are needed in the yard of the committee so that the farmers will not suffer.
  • By recording the arrival of goods, the government can provide accurate information about the arrival of goods to the government on a daily basis.

Weigh Bridge Management

A large quantity of goods are bought and sold in the committee. The buyer buys the goods from various sources. And finally he carries all the goods in his separate Vehicle. In the present situation, he collects the goods from all the places and tells the estimated weight to the market committee and sums it up. computerized weighing receipts are given on the dharmakata available in the market committee, then the cess can also be collected without.

  • If computerized receipt is received in Cess Department then full cess can be levied on weight basis.
  • Computerized system will enable accurate weighing of goods.
  • From this we will get the information about the quantity of goods purchased and gone out of the yard and also the information about how much goods are in the yard.
  • You can see the information about the quantity of goods purchased by which buyer. Also his cess related account can be cross-checked.
  • Certain types of facilities may be implemented by the market committee for bulk buyers.
  • Due to the computerized weighing fork, the information regarding the weight of the goods of any buyer can be stored. Also it can be viewed as date at the required time.

Boom Barrier Gate Management

  • If an electronic gate (boom barrier) is installed at the outer gate of the market committee, the person who bought the goods will not be able to take the goods outside the gate without showing the gate pass.
  • The gate will not be opened unless the gate holder receives a computerized receipt.
  • So that even a small amount of cess can be collected by the market committee.
  • If any shopkeeper tries to break the gate, the gate will be immediately opened and everyone will be informed.
  • Due to this system, the information of the goods that have gone out of the yard as well as the goods that are in the yard will be given without error.
  • Cross checking of goods available in the yard will be very simple and easy.
  • Due to this system, the income of the market committee will increase to a large extent.
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