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   College Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

dotCOM's College ERP (Campus net) is a well recognized and popular Web-based ERP for Institute and College. Campus net is a LAN Based/WEB based Solutions which can be integrated with existing systems Modules. Campus net Solutions is the best of its type ERP and is best suited for the working of Institute/College. It is developed after extensive study of all the departments of different Institutes & college and provides with the extract of everything, a Institute requires for their Academic, administration planning & management, and student/staff communication management.

The modules are ready to use at various departments of the institute and give the freedom to the user to access the system with proper inter modular data exchange and data sharing on behalf of control of the administrative bird eye.

Stakeholders : Students, Faculties, Administrative and Academic Departments, Office

Login Management

    Administrator Login

This login used by the system administrator, there are multiple basic information required by the system, It is administrator’s responsibility to provide this information to the system, particularly the frequently changing information, like academic year, academic session (even or odd), teachers and their subjects, infrastructure available, period timings, feedback period and some master information should be provided by the administrator.

    Principal Login

Though Principal is Head of the Institution he is able to visualize all the reports and communicate to everyone from the institution. All reports will be available to Principal which are helpful to take any decisions.

    Dean Login

Dean of any institute is next to Principal in the ranking. So in this application dean can explore all the reports regarding students and teachers from all departments from his login. He can check the performance of teacher, he can check outstanding fees from the students, he can also generate query based reports and customize reports other than available, and he can insert notices for students and teachers. Dean can communicate to any teacher from any department. Dean can only visualize the feedback reports of teachers given by the students

    HOD Login

Though the HOD is from teacher’s category he can explore all the application available for teacher category. Also HOD can see various reports of students and teachers from his Department only. Also following applications are restricted to HOD login.

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