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Election Man Power Management System
To overcome the lacunas of existing manual system for the management of man power for conducting the general elections. Under the guidance of Assistant Deputy Collector (Election) we have decided to computerize the whole system & we successfully done it and implemented for the General Election 2014.
Salient Features of Application
• User friendly web based application
• Can be used online / offline
• Save time & labor work
• Facilities integrated like SMS & Bulk Email
• Follow Election Commission of India (ECI) norms
• Maintained accuracy & minimize manual mistakes
• Can Import & Export the data any time
• No data entry operators needed
• Easy to operate, no skillful operator required
Scope of Application
This application pertain various modules from Employee data collection to the allotment of polling stations to the employee. Following modules included in the computerized application –
1. Employee Data Collection
2. Data Processing (Edit, Delete, Sort, Filter)
3. Filter & Sideline unwanted data like handicapped & other illness
4. Apply / Remove poll designation (PRO, PO1,PO2,PO3)
5. Assembly wise filtering
6. Enter Assembly wise Training Schedule
7. Apply Training schedule to designated employee
8. Generate Employee wise Training Order (Print / Export / Email)
9. Deliver SMS Intimation to designated employee
10. Assembly wise Training Attendance Sheet
11. First, Second & Third Randomization According to Election Commission’s norms
12. Team Formation according to ECI norms
13. Deliver Orders to offices by Bulk Email
14. Cancel applied election duties
15. Generate notices for absentees
16. Generate Identity Card
17. Generate PB / EDC list
18. Export data to Excel, Word or PDF format
19. Other
Stack Holders (Logins)
1. Offices (Government / Semi-Govt./Local Self Govt./PUC/Other)
2. Administrative Office (District Election Office)
3. Assembly Election office
4. Observer
Login Screen
Employee Data Entry
Sample Team Order
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