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Duration - 3 Months
Programme - 5 day/week
Hours - 60 Hrs
Batch Size - 10
Timings - M 9 to 10, E 6 to 7
Commencement - 3rd October
Fees - 3000
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Duration - 4 Months
Programme - 5 day/week
Hours - 160 Hrs
Batch Size - 8
Timings - M 8 to 10
Commencement - 5th October
Fees - 5000
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Duration - 6 Months
Programme - 5 day/week
Hours - 360 Hrs
Batch Size - 5
Timings - E 4 to 7
Commencement - 5th October
Fees - 10000
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Professional teaching by professional people.
Experienced software developer will be your faculty for these courses.
Learning environment at software development company.
Opportunity to work with IT professionals.
.net core batch will work on LIVE PROJECTS.
Theory practical ratio is 20:80
Guidance available by professional software developers.
Coding tips by visiting IT professionals.
  Why dotCOM ?
dotcom is a pioneer IT company in the city and having 12 yrs experience in s/w development.
Company has more than 150 clients for their software products and more than 100 clients for websites in the region.
Company using same platform for their products.
Designed the course on their own experience and as per industry needs.
Company having association with 3 national and 2 international IT companies.
  Who are eligible for these courses ?
  The students from BE (All streams), MCA, B.Sc.(Comp., IT), MCM, Diploma (IT/CS/Engg)
  What is the difference between dotCOM's course and other institutes's course?
dotCOM Other Institute
dotCOM has experience of software development Institutes have no experience of software development
Designed the course on self experience Designed the course on others experience.
We teach the students as per Industries need. Institutes teach as per students need.
We have the team of software programmers for guidance No guidance available
Professional and company environment No company environment
Experience to work on LIVE PROJECTS Offline projects
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