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Office Automation System includes following modules:
1. Student Admission and Registration
2. Receipt / Fees Collection
3. Employee & Payroll Management
4. Accounts Management
5. Scholarship Management
Student Admission and Registration
Student admission process in any educational institution is very vital. Number of different scholarship & concessions applied to students on their cast & category basis while admitting the student. In Admission Management System we maintain all this distinguish record of admitted student very carefully. Proper validations are applied to the application which protect from entering wrong data. Once the correct admission data entered the system can generate multiple & distinguish reports required for office and administration.Some of the functions listed over here -
• Registration / Admission
• Apply Standards and sections, castes, categories, religion
• Store student’s entire information according to admission form.
• Apply compulsory and optional subjects choose by the student.
• Category wise, class wise and number of list reports.
• Number of official reports like Bonafied, Character, Leaving, Expenditure and other certificates
Receipt / Fees collection
Fees collection and its management is very sensitive subject for every institution. Students pay their tuition and other college fees in installments. We at this application maintain fee record of every student. We can calculate outstanding fees for individual or collectively at any moment. Collected fees could be directly posted to account section.
• Define fee head
• Standard / Branch / Student / Year wise fee structure
• Collect University Exam / Other / Fine fees and maintain
• Reports include – Daily Fees Collection (DFC), Receipt wise / Date wise DFC, Exam Fee DFC, Fee Register, Fees Demand Register, Fees Summary, Class / Branch wise fees report, Comparative reports, Graphical reports, Account wise abstract, Monthly Abstract, University Fees Report and Receipt Cancelled report.
Employee & Payroll Management
Every one need a solution that is flexible as well as reliable, fast & easy. This application is packed with time and money saving features. Application has put the power of today's leading software processing technologies in an understandable format. The design of this application is directed by the feedback of its users. Payroll application can handle almost any payroll problem. Arrears computation, bonus, mass changes and many more are all handled with the touch of a mouse. Advanced reporting tool allows quick and easy access to data in the form your need.
• Employee’s details like designation, department, branch, photos, contacts, qualifications, history payment terms, leave details can be maintained.
• Employee’s appointment salary structure can be Maintain.
• User defined slabs can be entered for Income Tax, Professional Tax, Standard Deduction, PF, & Surcharge can be entered.
• User defined loan types can be created. Loan Settlement & deductions can be user defined.
Reports -
• Pay slips• Pay slips can be taken out in various formats & can also be customized. • Salary statement for the month is also available in various outputs. • Employees Profile with/ without Photos can be taken. • Profession Tax Statement. • Income Tax Statement. • Monthly Bank Statements • Monthly GPF Statement • Monthly Insurance Statement • Quarterly Income Tax Statement • Salary Increment Statement • Monthly Consolidated Salary Statement • Supplementary Salary Bill • Leave Statement • Salary Earning Details • Covering Letter • Basic, DA, HRA Statement • Income Tax Form No 16 • Employee Salary Certificate
Accounts Management
Accounting is a key component in any institutions success. It should play a role in every financial decision you make—from purchasing stationary, equipment, stocking inventory and determining salaries.
Consider accounting software that offers a wide range of reports. You should be able to print at least one kind of report for every module. Reporting features are often built into each section, but it's better if you can create reports from anywhere in the program
Reports includes - • Day Book • Cash Book • Bank Book • Ledger & Sub Ledger • Journal • Receipt & Payment Statement • Income & Expenditure Statement • Trial Balance • Balance Sheet.
Scholarship Management System
Number of students receives Concession and Scholarship from State Government and Government of India. Application maintains the record of such students. The scholarship is disbursed to students from Social Welfare Office of the State Government. They require the student’s information in particular formats from every institution. This application is developed under the guidance of District social welfare officer.
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