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APMC has to deal with control, management, movement of material, rates, daily trading and auctions etc. The transactions at APMC are enormous and very difficult to manage, unless they are computerized. Farmers, dealers, commission agents and brokers all get the benefit at the same. The operations will become transparent and quicker thus reducing information collection time at APMC.
Enterprise wide resource Planning is the main and major business solution we develop. All the data from various departments and sections of the organization is integrated and stored at one place. But it can access from anywhere. This makes decision making faster and accurate. It reduces workload, avoids repetition of tasks, optimizes manpower, and makes the most accurate information available instantly and online i.e. anytime. It makes all transactions transparent but the information is accessible to only desire few.
Our solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) help you in automating the enterprise and speed up transactions across the organization. These solutions are typically integrated with supply chain, HR and Payroll systems, e-Procurement, e-Business and CRM applications. We combine an integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams, offshore delivery, and strong technology practices.
Modules -
Cess Collection Katapatti
License ( Businessman, Labors )
Gate Pass
Shops and Warehouse
Legal Matter Management
Way bridge collection
Employee Payroll
Complete Accounting with receipt & payment system.
HR & Service Book
Meeting & Schedule
Inward & Outward System


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